TGS 250-The Anneros Valensi Podcast


Remember the "Mad Men" era when airline flight was hallmarked by the stylish, glamorous, and service-oriented stewardesses?

Well, you're going back there on this podcast, as we speak with Anneros Valensi, author of "Where Is Home?"--an absolutely fascinating life story that you can pick up on Amazon--or on Barnes & Noble.

You'll hear about how Ms. Valensi trained with TWA, then traveled all over the US and Europe. You learn how the stewardesses dressed, lived, were treated by the airlines (including a weight requirement), and just what it was like to fly the friendly skies in a time when air travel was a lot more elegant.

Keep your tray table in its upright, locked position as you enjoy this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


Meet Eshani Bhatt–Fellow & 2nd Generation Liar


Eshani Bhatt's LinkedIn page says she's a fellow at American University. says she's a serial defamer for fun and giggles with her friends.

While she'd have you believe she's into Peace & Conflict Resolution (We're not joking), her own voluntarily typed words will reveal a mean-spirited defamer and cyberbullier, who has no regard for the truth or the indelible damage her accusations carry with them.

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. Listen to her father LIE STRAIGHT TO MY FACE (over the phone) on this podcast.


Meet Edmond “Ted” Raymer–Mathnasium Instructor


If someone had accused God of being a prick, suggested that they'd rather attend the Holocaust than have their foot fall asleep, and openly giggled and laughed after helping orchestrate a FALSE campaign of FALSELY branding someone a pedophile, do you think they should be teaching kids?

A company called Mathnasium does.

Throw in some drug abuse, degradation of women, hatred against the LGBT community, and you have Mr. Raymer.

HEAR Ted tell all about himself. And hear from his mother, too.

Once you do, there'll be no doubt in your mind about Ted Raymer. The only people who think Ted should be teaching kids? A company called Mathnasium, and franchise owners Deb and Jim Cusatis.


TGS 248-The Washington’s Immortals Podcast


Once again, Patrick K. O'Donnell raises the bar for untold stories of military history with his latest masterpiece, Washington's Immortals.

The book deftly chronicles the incredible story of the Maryland Regiments who singlehandedly and without regard to their personal safety gave themselves to save the fledgling Continental Army.

Not only does the book bring to life the daring accounts and extremely personal stories of the Revolutionary War, like all books from Patrick K. O'Donnell, it puts you squarely in that time and place. Conveying an experience that goes beyond the book.

And, the book seeks the answer to the mystery of just where in Brooklyn are the bodies of these unsung patriots buried?

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Patrick K. O'Donnell isn't just a brilliant historian and researcher in military history. (Although he his. Amazon has Washington's Immortals as their choice for History this month.)

We belive he's one of the finest American authors practicing today, regardless of subject matter.


TGS 247-The Jay Johnson & Mark Lafon & Tom McELvain Podcast


The Whiskey Girl Saloon is the show's very favorite place in Fort Worth, Texas.

And, in March of 2015, we were there for an incredible night of music, madness, and revelry that has become the standard at The Whiskey Girl.

On this episode, you'll hear interviews with Jay Johnson, Mark Lafon, and Tom McELvain. Plus, there's a Randy Brown sighting, talk of leopard print, and the world's two greatest bartendresses, Leah and Chelsea, will take The Lightning Round questions. PLUS, you'll get to hear live performances by Mssrs. Johnson, Lafon, and McELvain--along with The Dirty Pesos themselves.

Plus, Tom will talk about the show's merchandise, the B-Queen of Skinemax Late Night--Rebecca Love herself--talks about Tom in the shower, and much more.

Hear the authentic sounds of a 100% true blue, red-blooded Texas honky-tonk party palace as we bring you the late great Jay Johnson, along with Mark Lafon, and Tom McELvain & The DIrty Pesos from The Whiskey Girl Saloon in The Fort Worth Stockyards.


TGS 246-The Kim Davis Interview Podcast


The nation was kept in an uproar as Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis stood in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling, and a federal judge's order.

Ms. Davis steadfastly refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing "God's authority" and was subsequently jailed for contempt of court.
Naturally, The Tom Gulley Show managed to land the blockbuster interview the large media organizations would sell their soul to have.
Listen in to our chat with well-known homophobe and serial bride, Kim Davis.

TGS 245-The Trip To Utah Podcast


Wayne County, Utah. 2,500 square miles. 2,500 people.

Sure, they’re 2,500 awesome people, so that makes the trip worthwhile. Nestled high in the mountains, we spent quite a bit of time there. But what’s there to do?

Well, we went to The Saddlery—the ONLY bar in Wayne County that also happens to be a killer steakhouse. We hung with the locals and observed their mating rituals. And, we spent a good bit of time going over a police log sheet from the 1920’s.

Because that’s how we party. Check it out. Next podcast? VEGAS.


TGS 244-The Jay Johnson Podcast


If you never met Jay Johnson, the best friend you can have is one of his songs.

My friend Jay Johnson, beloved Texas singer/songwriter, passed away this week. And so, because I was lucky enough to spend time with this truly incredible person and his wife Rebecca, we're going to celebrate Jay on this podcast.

On this episode, you'll hear unreleased interviews, rare and unheard live recordings, but more importantly--you'll hear Jay. Laughing, talking, and performing. 

Jay Johnson, and his music, have meant the world to me more times than I can count. Get yourself a little tie-dyed love and have yourself some Jay Johnson.

TGS 243-The Joclyn Stone Podcast


The incredible O.C. MILF, Joclyn Stone. If you can’t get enough of her—and who can?—you just hit the mother lode.

Other than going to, there’s no better way to get your fix than this two and a half hour podcast where we cover it all.

We’ll talk pain, trust, domination, getting into the adult entertainment business, how to stand on a guy’s throat in six in stiletto heels, Porn Star Thanksgiving, biting asses, smother boxes (don’t ask, just listen), A LOT about how Tom & Joclyn don’t like stupid people—right down to getting the lovely and talented Rebecca Love into a horror film.

Not to mention her absolutely riveting podcast, Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone, on the Adult Film Star Network.

BONUS: Tom talks about his twitter run-in with LA Dodgers pitcher Brett Anderson during the show close!

So, settle back, restrain yourself accordingly, and get ready to get hit with the full-on, fully informed, totally unexpurgated, and completely candid thrills from the mind of Ms. Joclyn Stone.


TGS 242-The Britt McHenry Interview Podcast


ESPN reporter Britt McHenry's incredibly mean-spirited, derogatory, and classless remarks directed toward a towing lot employee shocked the nation.

Many were stunned at the elitist, entitled, and self-important remarks, and McHenry's cruel assessment of the employee's weight, teeth, education, and income. The internet went abuzz with outrage. 

Once again, only ONE program could garner the guest everyone is scrambling for. Be with us as we're joined by Britt McHenry. We'll talk about her career, the incident itself, and we'll get her advice for aspiring female sports reporters with a total lack of humanity or class.

Yes, it's the Britt McHenry interview in all its candid glory. Tonight, on The Tom Gulley Show.


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