TGS 262-The Mr. Novak Episode


Author Chuck Harter has done something remarkable. That any teacher would be proud of.

He's managed to unearth and breathe new life into a show that deserves a place in the spotlight. It's called Mr. Novak--and it aired over 50 years ago. Chronicling the experiences of teachers, students, and parents in an early 60's Los Angeles high school.

Now, you might be thinking, "Fifty years? What's the big deal about an old TV show?" Well, that kind of thinking would have you missing out on a show that will simply blow you away with its storylines, acting, and motion picture quality cinematography.

And his book, which you get get at, covers this Peabody award-winning TV series with a microscope. Beautifully written, and meticulously researched.

So, get our your spiral bound notebooks. We're going to class with author Chuck Harter regarding his book, Mr. Novak: An Acclaimed Television Series.


TGS261-The Birth Of A Nation Episode


The very first blockbuster movie in American film history was loaded with technological mastery--and some really cringeworthy racism. Not to mention revisionist Civil War history.

And it's also the first movie ever shown in The White House.

Birth Of A Nation, directed by one of the founders of United Artists--D.W. Griffith, is the story of two families. One from the North. And one from the South.

But it's also chock full of hard-to-watch scenes of racially offensive and inaccurate depictions of the Civil War. 

For its time, it was a technological masterpiece of massive scope. Huge battlefield scenes. A plethora of extras.

Our guest, Dr. Wes Gehring, will guide us through all the ins and outs of a film that's on one hand historically and technologically significant--and really hard to watch without wanting to wince.

Hear all about about it, on this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS260-3rd Annual TGS Super Bowl Commercial Review


Yes, it's back by popular demand. It's The 3rd Annual Tom Gulley Show Super Bowl Commercial Review.

You'll hear all the contempt, vitriol, dislike, glory, hatred, and praise that you've come to expect.

From the best to the worst, you'll hear Tom rant on about the commercial announcements that beguiled you during the Eagles defeat of the formerly believed to be the greatest of all time Patriots.


TGS 259-The Washington’s Immortals Episode Part Two


We spoke with critically acclaimed military combat author Patrick K. O'Donnell at the release of his best-selling book, Washington's Immortals.

Now, the paperback version is out, and Washington's Immortals is on the Amazon best-sellers list in hardback, paperback, and audio.

On this episode, we'll pick up where we left off with the Maryland & Delaware regiments that saved Washington's Army as they march south--some men traveling over 4,000 miles on foot. We'll talk about the food, the conditions, engagements at Camden and Cowpens--as well as some pretty rudimentary medical procedures.

We'll also learn about Patrick Stewart's interest--that's right, Captain Picard himself--in the Immortals and their final resting place as we go even deeper into Revolutionary War history with Patrick K. O'Donnell.


TGS 258-The Comedian Arty 84 Interview


Arty 84 is a lot of things. Comedian, DJ, designer--and sports writer.

His all sorts of sports and entertainment. And, it's where he's launching his quest to become a Boston Red Sox beat writer.

We'll cover standup comedy, the New England Patriots, Major League Soccer, and anything else that comes up--including Tom's studio being interrupted by some electricity salesmen--as we chat with Arty.

Plus, you can click this link right here to enjoy the HILARIOUS story of Arty's visit to a wedding in Florida.

Hear from a multi-talented guy on a quest as we talk with Arty 84 (Arty DeMattia) on this Bostonish episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS 257-The Frank Iszak Interview


FREEDOM. Some talk about it, but Frank Iszak and six of his cohorts risked it all for it.

His book, Freedom Flight, brilliantly chronicles an amazingly daring escape from ruthless oppression at the hands of the Soviet-Communist regime behind The Iron Curtain.

With no weapons, no maps, and no idea if the plane would even have enough fuel to reach West Germany where they would gain their precious freedom, they staged a mid-air takeover of a domestic flight. Failure meant certain death.

The book also skillfully details the slow, inexorable deprivation of rights--step by step--that led to a Communist state that relied on fear and terror to keep its people subservient to the government.

Get it on Amazon TODAY. It's a unique personal account of experiencing--and escaping--the Communist regime behind the Iron Curtain.

Be with us as we detail a most incredible tale of an escape like no other as we speak with Frank Iszak--author of Freedom Flight--on this very special episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS 256-The Celebrating Jack Benny Episode


Jack Benny was the king of radio.

So, we talked with Laura Leibowitz of the International Jack Benny Fan Club, and queen of all things Benny.

We'll cover Jack, the cast, the sponsors, the genius of the show's format, the Fred Allen feud, the legends, the lore, the famous moments, and even the Benny family florist in an interview that covers a lot but really doesn't even scratch the surface of the greatest media personality of the 20th century.

Sit back in our audio Maxwell as we all pretend we're 39 and celebrate Jack Benny with Laura Leibowitz on this episode that's presented at a price Jack would certainly appreciate. (FREE!)

And make sure to check out for more of Jack--along with the International Jack Benny Fan Club Facebook page.


TGS 255-The Human Trafficking Episode


Ashton Kutcher testified before the Senate on human trafficking. But what would you say if you knew that human trafficking takes place each and every day--most likely in your town--each and every day in the USA?

Human trafficking also includes women trapped into performing sexual services through force, fraud, and coersion in prostitution. Women trapped in a situtation where they're forced to work in the sex trades against their will.

Law enforcement officer Jon Daggy has written a book on the subject called Paying For it, which details all the aspects of human trafficking in the sex trade here in the US, in Sweden, Israel, and the rest of the world.

Find out just how women from all ages and backgrounds are working right now in human trafficking on this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS 254-The Rock, Power & Politics Episode


Bruce Springsteen's 4-F card. Joni Mitchell's guitar. James Brown's lyrics on hotel stationery. Bob Dylan's harmonica.

What do they have in common?

They're all symbols of rock music's relentless freedom of expression that can provoke thought and provide social commentary--and they're all part of an exhibit called Louder Than Words at the Newseum in Washington, DC. In partnership with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Our guest, Patty Rhule, is the director of exhibit development at the Newseum, and she deftly takes us on an audio journey through amazing artifacts, cultural history, the First Amendment, and popular music's ability to speak deeper than the spoken word.

Join us as we explore our right to freedom of expression along with our right to ROCK on this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS 253-The Author Christina McDowell Interview


The Wolf Of Wall Street wasn't quite the big, bad wolf when it ran into Christina McDowell.

The author poignantly, and confrontationally called out director Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio in an open letter for glorifying the exploits of Jordan Belfort--and told the shattering tale of how that exploitation and swindling led to the destruction of her family.

Thanks, in great part, to the actions of her father--a Belfort cohort who also engaged in the behavior. In fact, her father stole her identity and racked up $100,000 in personal debt for his daughter before going to prison.

She tells the entire story in her brilliant memoir, After Perfect, which you can find on Amazon, or her wherever fine books are sold.

Listen to this very skilled writer tell a story of betrayal, loss, and ultimately redemption on this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


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