TGS 254-The Rock, Power & Politics Episode


Bruce Springsteen's 4-F card. Joni Mitchell's guitar. James Brown's lyrics on hotel stationery. Bob Dylan's harmonica.

What do they have in common?

They're all symbols of rock music's relentless freedom of expression that can provoke thought and provide social commentary--and they're all part of an exhibit called Louder Than Words at the Newseum in Washington, DC. In partnership with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Our guest, Patty Rhule, is the director of exhibit development at the Newseum, and she deftly takes us on an audio journey through amazing artifacts, cultural history, the First Amendment, and popular music's ability to speak deeper than the spoken word.

Join us as we explore our right to freedom of expression along with our right to ROCK on this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS 253-The Author Christina McDowell Interview


The Wolf Of Wall Street wasn't quite the big, bad wolf when it ran into Christina McDowell.

The author poignantly, and confrontationally called out director Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio in an open letter for glorifying the exploits of Jordan Belfort--and told the shattering tale of how that exploitation and swindling led to the destruction of her family.

Thanks, in great part, to the actions of her father--a Belfort cohort who also engaged in the behavior. In fact, her father stole her identity and racked up $100,000 in personal debt for his daughter before going to prison.

She tells the entire story in her brilliant memoir, After Perfect, which you can find on Amazon, or her wherever fine books are sold.

Listen to this very skilled writer tell a story of betrayal, loss, and ultimately redemption on this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS 252-The Film Author Wes Gehring Interview


Everybody likes to watch movies. A lot of people like to talk about movies. And, certainly, there's a whole burgeoning industry filled with fanboys reviewing--and usually whining--in an esoteric manner about movies.

But, suffice it to say that in keeping with our program, we didn't get an amateur.

We were lucky enough to sequester award-winning film historian and author Dr. Wes Gehring, author of the book Genre-Busting Dark Comedies Of The 1970s. And 35 other or so other books on film.

We'll discuss the 12 films the book examines--MASH, Catch-22, Little Big Man, Harold and Maude, Cabaret, Slaughterhouse-Five, Chinatown, Love and Death, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Annie Hall, Being There, and All That Jazz.

Naturally, we recommend that you pick up Genre-Busting Dark Comedies Of The 1970s--and soon. Or, for a fuller listing of his works, visit Amazon, and behold. You'll thank us profusely after the first read.

Sit back and listen to some heavy duty film analysis of a ground-breaking genre with our esteemed guest, Dr. Wes Gehring on this exciting episode of The Tom Gulley Show.



TGS 251-The Cyberbullying Episode


Who amongst us, in this digital age, hasn't run across a cyberbully or been cyberharassed online? What's up with those trolls? Well, we went out and found an amazing expert to explain it all. Leeza Steindorf.

Ms. Steindorf's list of accomplishments are so impressive and so vast, Tom actually ran out of breath just listing the highlights. And her latest book--Connected Parent, Empowered Child--covers bullying and cyberbullying as well as a host of other topics that can aid parents in ensuring that their children are equipped to take on both the digital and corporeal world.

Naturally, you'll want to pick it up on Amazon.

Then, Tom talks for the first time EVER on TGS about the huge cyberharassment he received back in 2011. Just as a precursor to a cyberharassment episode (from some harassment THIS YEAR) YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE.

We won't bully anybody into it, but we highly suggest that you enjoy the wisdom of Leeza Steindorf on this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS 250-The Anneros Valensi Podcast


Remember the "Mad Men" era when airline flight was hallmarked by the stylish, glamorous, and service-oriented stewardesses?

Well, you're going back there on this podcast, as we speak with Anneros Valensi, author of "Where Is Home?"--an absolutely fascinating life story that you can pick up on Amazon--or on Barnes & Noble.

You'll hear about how Ms. Valensi trained with TWA, then traveled all over the US and Europe. You learn how the stewardesses dressed, lived, were treated by the airlines (including a weight requirement), and just what it was like to fly the friendly skies in a time when air travel was a lot more elegant.

Keep your tray table in its upright, locked position as you enjoy this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS 248-The Washington’s Immortals Podcast


Once again, Patrick K. O'Donnell raises the bar for untold stories of military history with his latest masterpiece, Washington's Immortals.

The book deftly chronicles the incredible story of the Maryland Regiments who singlehandedly and without regard to their personal safety gave themselves to save the fledgling Continental Army.

Not only does the book bring to life the daring accounts and extremely personal stories of the Revolutionary War, like all books from Patrick K. O'Donnell, it puts you squarely in that time and place. Conveying an experience that goes beyond the book.

And, the book seeks the answer to the mystery of just where in Brooklyn are the bodies of these unsung patriots buried?

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Patrick K. O'Donnell isn't just a brilliant historian and researcher in military history. (Although he his. Amazon has Washington's Immortals as their choice for History this month.)

We belive he's one of the finest American authors practicing today, regardless of subject matter.


TGS 242-The Britt McHenry Interview Podcast


ESPN reporter Britt McHenry's incredibly mean-spirited, derogatory, and classless remarks directed toward a towing lot employee shocked the nation.

Many were stunned at the elitist, entitled, and self-important remarks, and McHenry's cruel assessment of the employee's weight, teeth, education, and income. The internet went abuzz with outrage. 

Once again, only ONE program could garner the guest everyone is scrambling for. Be with us as we're joined by Britt McHenry. We'll talk about her career, the incident itself, and we'll get her advice for aspiring female sports reporters with a total lack of humanity or class.

Yes, it's the Britt McHenry interview in all its candid glory. Tonight, on The Tom Gulley Show.


TGS 240-The Ray Stevens Podcast


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Ray Stevens--yes, the very same Ray Stevens who's sold over 40 million albums, with huge hit singles like "Everything Is Beautiful", "Gitarzan", and "The Streak"--joins us on the little ol' Tom Gulley Show.

Mr. Stevens has a brand new album out, entitled "Here We Go Again"--and the first single, "Taylor Swift Is Stalking Me" has already cranked up over 100,000 YouTube hits. You can get this hilarious new release--and you should get it NOW--on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

We'll talk to Ray about infusing comedy into his songs, how he came up with several of the tracks on the new album, and much more.

It's the answer to a lifelong dream for the host. Enjoy a visit with one of America's best-known and best-loved entertainers, Mr. Ray Stevens.


TGS 239-The Steve Gottlieb’s FLUSH Podcast


Interesting people saying interesting things. That’s the standard of The Tom Gulley Show. And I am ALWAYS on the prowl for just that. In order to bring you the staggering cornucopia of eclectic topics we bring you.

So, when I saw that there was a guy with a book about bathrooms—you know, toilets areas and such—I was naturally thrilled, but I expected a book filled with Hee-Haw level observations and illustrations—but what I got was frankly a surprisingly unexpected and incredible book of history, lore, legend, wit, and downright eloquence.

The book is FLUSH: Celebrating Bathrooms Past And Present, and it is a MUST BUY.

Steve Gottlieb is a recognized photographer with several books under his belt, but this one shows off his staggering photographic talent along with some absolutely masterful storytelling. Get it now at, or Steve’s own website.


TGS 238-The Fear Of Clowns Podcast


Come on. Admit it. You're scared of clowns, aren't you?

Don't worry. If you are, you're in good company. More and more people are getting coulrophobia--the irrational fear of clowns.

And even better news is that Joe Durwin--leading authority on fear of clowns--is here to cover the whole topic from Pennywise to Pogo The Clown. Joe will cover the history, psychology, myth, legend, lore, and everything else you wanted to know about clown fear but were afraid to ask. His work on the subject, "The Trickster", is the holy grail of clown fear study.

So don't ever be afraid of red squeaky noses, orange hair, or big floppy shoes again. Listen in as Joe Durwin delivers interesting info like dudes poppin' out of clown car.


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