TGS 234-The Dave Herman Podcast


Dave Herman happens to be one of Mixed Martial Art's top heavyweights.

That's why it's ironic that he, his wife Madeleine, and their two-month old son Leo, were taken down in a traffic stop that started off bizarre--and ended up with the Titan Fighting Championship athlete being tased with his hands up, complying with a police order.

The police incident report described Dave as "aggressive." What they didn't count on was the aggressive use of a video recorder by Dave's wife.

After the Dekalb County Prosecutor's Office (call and express your opinion at 260-925-1646) released their version of events and charges, Madeleine released her video, which directly discredits the officer's accounts.

Have YOU ever been tased for a broken alternator? With your hands up? While going to kneel to the ground?

Dave Herman has--and his wife video recorded it--and you'll hear about all of it, including the STILL PENDING felony charges--on this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.

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