TGS 237-The Ivor Davis Podcast


Ivor Davis was the one and only journalist who lived with, ate with, traveled with, partied with, and generally accompanied The Beatles through every inch of their 1964 North American tour.

Along the way, he was in the room for legendary rock moments like Bob Dylan introducing The Fab Four to marijuana, The Beatles meeting Elvis (not to mention Groucho Marx, Burt Lancaster, and Jayne Mansfield), playing Monopoly with John Lennon, having Paul McCartney as a personal bartender, Lennon on Manson's Helter Skelter philosophy, writing a column with/for George Harrison, and much more.

Mr. Davis chronicles it all brilliantly in his book, The Beatles And Me On Tour, which you can get at It's literally chock full of inside insights and anecdotes only a true insider could reveal--spun with the skill of a master storyteller. You really don't know the full Beatles story till you read this book. Get it now!