TGS 239-The Steve Gottlieb’s FLUSH Podcast


Interesting people saying interesting things. That’s the standard of The Tom Gulley Show. And I am ALWAYS on the prowl for just that. In order to bring you the staggering cornucopia of eclectic topics we bring you.

So, when I saw that there was a guy with a book about bathrooms—you know, toilets areas and such—I was naturally thrilled, but I expected a book filled with Hee-Haw level observations and illustrations—but what I got was frankly a surprisingly unexpected and incredible book of history, lore, legend, wit, and downright eloquence.

The book is FLUSH: Celebrating Bathrooms Past And Present, and it is a MUST BUY.

Steve Gottlieb is a recognized photographer with several books under his belt, but this one shows off his staggering photographic talent along with some absolutely masterful storytelling. Get it now at, or Steve’s own website.