TGS 259-The Washington’s Immortals Episode Part Two


We spoke with critically acclaimed military combat author Patrick K. O'Donnell at the release of his best-selling book, Washington's Immortals.

Now, the paperback version is out, and Washington's Immortals is on the Amazon best-sellers list in hardback, paperback, and audio.

On this episode, we'll pick up where we left off with the Maryland & Delaware regiments that saved Washington's Army as they march south--some men traveling over 4,000 miles on foot. We'll talk about the food, the conditions, engagements at Camden and Cowpens--as well as some pretty rudimentary medical procedures.

We'll also learn about Patrick Stewart's interest--that's right, Captain Picard himself--in the Immortals and their final resting place as we go even deeper into Revolutionary War history with Patrick K. O'Donnell.