TGS 242-The Britt McHenry Interview Podcast


ESPN reporter Britt McHenry's incredibly mean-spirited, derogatory, and classless remarks directed toward a towing lot employee shocked the nation.

Many were stunned at the elitist, entitled, and self-important remarks, and McHenry's cruel assessment of the employee's weight, teeth, education, and income. The internet went abuzz with outrage. 

Once again, only ONE program could garner the guest everyone is scrambling for. Be with us as we're joined by Britt McHenry. We'll talk about her career, the incident itself, and we'll get her advice for aspiring female sports reporters with a total lack of humanity or class.

Yes, it's the Britt McHenry interview in all its candid glory. Tonight, on The Tom Gulley Show.