TGS 232-The 2014 Super Sampler Podcast


The Tom Gulley Show packed 100 hours of entertainment into 2014.

And on this Super Sampler episode, you'll hear clips from each and every podcast episode we brought you.

Hear from celebrities, authors, musicians, everyday citizens, and visit all the places The Tom Gulley Show darkened in the previous calendar year.

From the wife of Morton Downey, Jr., to US senators, to legendary comic book figures, to acclaimed actors, and plenty of audio from all the places we went. Some of which have asked us back, some of which have asked us NOT back.

If you've never listened to an episode of The Tom Gulley Show, why not get a year's worth in just over an hour?


TGS 231-The Late Christmas Shopping Podcast


The perennial holiday favorite is BACK!

Yes, due to popular demand and countless requests from the public, we're revisiting our traditional Christmas favorite episode. You'll thrill to the lessons learned longed away as two men are trapped in a sea of last minute holiday shopping.

It's an episode that reaches deep within us all during this magical time of year and says, "I've had about enough of this holiday crap, ya know? YA KNOW?"

We'll cover topics like learning to curse politely, foreign-speaking cashiers, perky turkey jerky, dancing plushy iPods, Mexican armored cars, Tom has words with a woman blocking the aisle, and plenty more. Happy holidays, and remember...Bumbles bounce.


TGS 230-The Author Carolyn Day Podcast


You all remember our interview with Lynyrd Skynyrd tour manager--and crash survivor--Ron Eckerman.

You probably also know that Ron lost his battle with acute myeloid leukemia this past May.

Before his death, he met and fell in love with Carolyn Day, who has chronicled the inspirational story of Ron's last days with her new book, The Last Tour.

Although Ron was given very little time to live, and almost died on several occasions, this book is not depressing. It's full of laughter, hope, and a love story that demonstrates selflessness and commitment during an incredibly difficult experience. From finding each other as soulmates, to discovering Ron's condition, and then the endless days of 24/7 care and companionship that followed.

All the proceeds from this book go to the Leukemia Foundation, and you can pick it up on Amazon.


TGS 229-The Live From Dealey Plaza Podcast


Dealey Plaza was the site of a watershed moment in American history.

As such, and because it's within driving distance of The Tom Gulley Show headquarters, we headed to downtown Dallas to walk around the plaza and visit The Sixth Floor Museum, which is in the old Texas Schoolbook Depository.

We took along walking JFK encyclopedia, veteran broadcaster, and former member of the Dallas police crime investigation unit, Dave Michaels. We take the route JFK took downtown, visit the grassy knoll, almost run over a cat, discuss conspiracies, and visit the Spaghetti Warehouse.

It's an informative podcast you'll want to file back, and to the left.

TGS 228-The James McEachin Podcast


James McEachin is a guest we're honored to have for Veteran's Day.

Because even though this acclaimed actor has appeared in over 150 television programs & motion pictures alongside Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Bette Davis, and Henry Fonda--he lists his military service as his proudest achievement.

And his story of service is truly unique. Severely wounded in Korea, he'll tell the story of receiving a Purple Heart and Silver Star some fifty years later. And, he'll tell how that story influenced his incredible new film project, The Purple Heart.

He even shares a few readings from the screenplay for the film. One listen, and there'll be no doubt Mr. James McEachin has major acting skills.

His appearances include Hawaii Five-O, The Rockford Files, Mannix, All In The Family, Dragnet, Adam-12, Tenafly, Play Misty For Me, Sudden Impact, and those are just a very few. (And we'll also discuss his record producing career, including working with a young Otis Redding.)

We'll talk about the distinguished military service and acting career of James McEachin on this very special Veteran's Day episode.


TGS 227-The Betty Page Podcast


Betty Page, in just a few years of modeling in the 1950's, created a look that would span decades.

And then, just as suddenly, she completely disappeared into seclusion in 1959.

Then in 1987, Greg Theakston brought Betty back into the cultural spotlight with his publication, The Betty Pages. Each issue revisited Betty's past modeling, and the era that she thrived in. Soon, her trademark bangs could be seen everywhere.

Greg joins us to talk about Betty's life, her reasons for going into total seclusion, and the conversations she and Greg had regarding her status as a cultural icon. Plus Betty's thoughts on posing without any clothes on.

It's an episode all about the one and only Betty Page--told by creator and publisher of The Betty Pages, Greg Theakston.


TGS 226-The Tam Jam Benefit Podcast


Out at the South Side Patio in Arlington, Texas, some folks got together to throw a benefit for a great lady named Tammy.

Just some of the folks there--who you'll hear on this podcast--were emcee James Mills, along with Brett Watts, Jay Johnson, and Tommy Alverson. Along with a lineup of other great artists and fun people who came to contribute.

Listen in for some of the sounds of that great day at Tam Jam--where the goal of raising $15,000 was shattered! A whopping $27,500 was donated to help out.


TGS 225-The Director Paul Kyriazi Podcast


Paul Kyriazi has talent that just never stops.

Not only is he the purveyor of The James Bond Lifestyle, he's back to answer Tom's questions about his career as an action film director of movies like Death Machines and Omega Cop.

Then, Paul will talk about his transition from director of motion pictures to author and producer of incredible audio books.

Adam West? Jessica Walters? Troy Donahue? Pat Morita? Robert Culp? Don Stroud? Stuart Whitman? Paul will talk about working with all of them, and more.

Grab some popcorn. Dim the lights. It's time to travel through the world of action adventure independent film--and audio books--with writer, director, and producer Paul Kyriazi.


TGS 224-The Jennie DeVoe Podcast


It's Halloween. Which means you're pretty much obligated to pass out delicious treats.

And that's why you HAVE to share this podcast with a friend. Because you're not going to find a sound sweeter than singer/songwriter Jennie DeVoe.

During this mega podcast, you'll hear about Jennie's songwriting process, her status as an accidental comedian, her musical influences, her thoughts on the record industry, how she and Tom met years ago--and even some vampire talk for Halloween types.

Plus, you'll hear clips from eight of this truly unique artist's songbook.

Accept our Halloween treat that's scary good. The unforgettable Jennie DeVoe.


TGS 223-The First SEALs Podcast with Patrick K. O’Donnell


Patrick K. O'Donnell's new masterwork, First SEALs: The Untold Story Of The Forging Of America's Most Elite Unit, tells a tale so amazing you might not believe it actually happened.

Because, at every stage of his new book, Mr. O'Donnell keeps topping the "OMFG!" moments of true history with yet another mindbending event in the formation of the Maritime Unit--the fledgling WWII group that pioneered the special forces concept.

The book features an adventure-addicted dentist, Hollywood idol Sterling Hayden (who changed his name to join the OSS), inflatable surf boards, and NFL kicker of note, and a cast of characters worthy of a major motion picture.

The only real question this book leaves uncovered is "Why is Patrick K. O'Donnell wasting his valuable time on The Tom Gulley Show?"

We're not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, regardless of the answer. And neither should you. Get First SEALs immediately. Thank me later.


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